Not sure of the right terminology, but a reasonable description of
what I'm hoping to do is to have some TODO items inherit their
timestamp from a parent level.

This is mainly for things that I need to do soon, but not on a
specific day, and they might roll over to the next day (especially
[#C] items). So I was thinking of something like:

* Pending today <2012-02-21 Tue>
** TODO Something
** TODO Something else

And then those items would appear for February 21 in the agenda day/week view.

If I finish one of the tasks, I would move it under another heading
(and its status would be DONE anyway, so it would disappear from the

Then tomorrow, I would want to change the "Pending today" timestamp
and the TODOs underneath would then show up for Wednesday in the

If that isn't feasible, I'd be satisfied with an automatic way to
change all the timestamps in subheadings underneath a given heading:
put the Emacs cursor on the "Pending today" line, hit some keystroke,
and all the dates change underneath.

I have another question about Beamer too, but will put that in a
separate e-mail.


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