Hi, Org people.

When I save a "* COMMENT Header" with `C-c l' and re-insert it elsewhere
through `C-c C-l', the "COMMENT" bit is part of the link contents and

I may want to quickly refer to such a header from another Org file even
if I do not publish it nor its contents.

Then, at some later time, I may decide to publish it, which is done
through `C-c ;' on the header line to remove the COMMENT word.  Then,
I have to adjust existing links, which is a bit annoying.

For such cases at least, it would be convenient if COMMENT was ignored
when the link is being saved, and also when searching for the link while
following it, the same way as it already works for TODO-like keywords.

If you consider this suggestion seems reasonable, publishing or not
publishing a header and its contents may be quickly effected by a mere
`C-c ;' without any need of further revising links.  Moreover, at least
in my opinion, links look neater without the COMMENT word on them.


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