Hello Jambunathan,

I do not have the odt document open.

>From the *Message* buffer, it seems that zip is looking for the odt file in
c:\Users\...\AppData\Temp\..., but the file is not present

In the org-odt-save-as-outfile let* block from which the error is thrown
(let* ((target-name)
        (target ...)

zip-commands are looking for the *.odt file to zip together with the
mimetype file.  But the *.odt file
is not there.

The only thing that is there is the content.xml, that contains the
the *.org file's text.  In fact, in the code, I don't see anything being
done with the xml files.  They are created, and then killed.

I am including the trace from the *Messages* buffer.
**** Trace begin
Export buffer:
Exporting to ODT using org-lparse...
Using vacuous schema
LaTeX to MathML converter not available. Using dvipng instead.
Using vacuous schema
ODT export done, pushed to kill ring and clipboard
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/meta.xml
Using vacuous schema
Saving file c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/styles.xml...
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/styles.xml
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/mimetype
Using vacuous schema
Switching to directory c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/
Saving file c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/styles.xml...
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/styles.xml
(No changes need to be saved)
Saving file 
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/META-INF/manifest.xml
Saving file c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/content.xml...
Wrote c:/Users/977315/AppData/Local/Temp/odt-7628lrW/content.xml
Using vacuous schema
(No changes need to be saved)
Creating odt file...
Running zip -mX0 org-odt-export.odt mimetype
zip warning: name not matched: mimetype

zip error: Nothing to do! (org-odt-export.odt)

Entering debugger...
Back to top level.
**** Trace end


On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 8:28 AM, Jambunathan K <kjambunat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The backtrace is along the expected lines. The zip command is failing
> for some reason.
> Did you look at the *Messages* buffer? It is likely to give some clue on
> why the zip command is failing.
> Btw, if you have "cvd-modeling-proposal.odt" already open in an external
> application like LibreOffice, you may want to close the file first,
> before exporting. Closing the file will ensure that the file is not
> locked and available for re-writing.
>> Hello:
>> This is on Windows 7 Emacs 23.3.1, org-version 7.8.03.  (I installed
>> org-mode inside cygwin's shell).
>> Here is the backtrace:
>> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Unable to create odt file (12)")
>>   signal(error ("Unable to create odt file (12)"))
>>   error("Unable to create odt file (%S)" 12)
>>   (or (zerop exitcode) (ignore (message "%s" err-string)) (error
>> "Unable to create odt file (%S)" exitcode))
>>   (lambda (cmd) ... stuff deleted
>> org-odt-save-as-outfile("c:/Users/977315/Documents/projects/low-pressure-flow/workbooks/shh+cvd-design-tool-proposal/cvd-modeling-proposal.odt"
>> ... more stuff deleted ...
>>   org-do-lparse(nil nil nil nil nil nil)
>>   org-lparse("odt" "odt" nil nil nil nil nil nil)
>>   org-export-as-odt(nil)
>>   call-interactively(org-export-as-odt)
>>   org-export(nil)
>>   call-interactively(org-export nil nil)
>> The backtrace refers to a a non-existent odt file (see call to
>> org-odt-save-as-outfile).  Does the call stack look ok to you?
>> Thanks,
>> Mirko
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