Getting deeper into beamer export and enjoying it -- props to the responsible 

A point of fine print that escaped me in the available documentation -- maybe I 
just overlooked, but probably this is something that should be clarified.

When doing a buffer export, #+BEAMER_FRAME_LEVEL refers to the absolute 
subheading level: 2 == **, 3 = *** etc.

For a subtree export, you need to subtract the level of the subtree being 


#+TITLE:     Show #1
#+AUTHOR:    dlm
#+EMAIL:     dlm@dlm-laptop
#+DATE:      2012-02-26 Sun
* Presentation 1
** Section 1
*** Frame 1
    Some text
*** Frame 2
    More text

At first I thought I would need to set the frame level to 3 (because "*** Frame 
1"), but it needs to be 2 for a subtree export originating from "Presentation 
1" because the frames are two levels underneath the top level.

I can easily imagine that the frame level is documented as relative to the 
subtree being exported -- just pointing out that this is an easy place to get 
confused and probably would benefit from stating explicitly.


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