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> On 23.1.2012, at 16:27, Alexander Corvinus wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just reviewed code in org.el and noticed that function
>> org-show-subtree, which is called by org-cycle, unconditionally
>> shows whole subtree (exactly what I wanted to have in my
>> shortcuts!).
>> So the question is - why such useful functions like
>> org-show-subtree, hide-subtree, show-children aren't documented in
>> manual? Because of that, previously I thought that what I wanted was
>> impossible (without source change).
> Emacs outline-mode has a plethora of such specific commands, and
> exposes all of them as user interface.  Org prides itself
> to have compressed that entire functionality into the TAB and S-TAB
> commands.  You specific example, org-show-subtree is basically
> TAB TAB on a closed tree.  SO yes, there are lots such commands,
> but I am no sure it would be good to expose them in the manual.

That's the difference between a user manual (documents TAB TAB) and an
API reference manual.  But both are needed, especially since all Emacs
users eventually become programmers at some level.

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BoostPro Computing

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