Erik Butz <> writes:


> I didn't use the org-taskjuggler3 resource, but below[1] are some
> changes that I made in the org-taskjuggler.el file. With these I can
> export e.g. the default example file at:
> to a
> taskjuggler file and have tj3 produce a Gantt_Chart web page, see
> screenshot attached.
> Caveat: In the standard example file I changed all efforts from xxd to
> xx.0 and resource_id to ID.
> Hope this helps.

thanks for your answer, I could not really make it work, I think I will
install taskjuggler 2.4 and just wait untill orgmode is ready for

The estimated efford for my little gantt chart was 1h,
now its almost 1d ;)

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