François Pinard <> wrote:

> (François Pinard) writes:
> > Roughly copying code from here and there (and not even understanding it,
> > some dead code might remain), I turned your function into the
> > following:
> Hmph!  There seemingly is a problem however.
> I tried it on a few files, and it usually does it works quickly, or in
> no more than a few seconds.  However, on one of my Org files, after many
> minutes, Emacs is still processing the command.  If I interrupt it (with
> C-g), the main text displays its information, but the appendices do not.
> I do not know if this matters: while all the appendices together do not
> use much space in *this* file, they are merely made up of #+INCLUDE
> directives, each preceded by a short introductory text.  The included
> files may be a bit longish however.

M-x toggle-debug-on-quit RET

Then when it gets into its rut and you interrupt with C-g, you'll get a
backtrace telling you where it was. If you repeat a couple of times and
you get the same backtrace each time, then you've probably found your
infinite looper.


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