Hi Renger,

why not use two differently configured agenda blocks in your agenda
view. In the first you skip habits and in the second you skip everything


Renger van Nieuwkoop wrote:

> Hi
> I want to change my agenda view in such a way, that habits are shown as an 
> explicit block below my agenda, but my solution (shown below) shows the 
> habits still in my agenda view and without all the nice tracking color and 
> symbols in the block below the agenda. It might be simple, but I don't seem 
> to manage. Any help would be appreciated.
> Here is my code for the adjusted agenda view (the first block shows my tasks 
> I should work on next:
>             ("s" "Agenda with Next and Habit as separated views"
>                 ((agenda "" nil )
>                 (tags-todo "-WAIT/!NEXT"
>                            ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Next Tasks")
>                             (org-agenda-skip-function 
> 'skip-projects-and-habits)
>                             (org-agenda-skip-function 
> '(org-agenda-skip-entry-if 'notregexp "\\[#A\\]"))
>                             (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled t)
>                             (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines t)
>                             (org-tags-match-list-sublevels t)
>                              ))
>                  (tags "HABIT"
>                       ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Habits")))
>                  nil))
> Cheers
> Renger

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