According to the online documentation [1], it seems that :BEAMER_envargs: 
should apply to all Beamer environments:

    The beamer-special arguments that should be used for the environment, like 
[t] or [<+->] of <2-3>. If the BEAMER_col property is also set, something like 
C[t] can be added here as well to set an options argument for the implied 
columns environment. c[t] or c<2-> will set an options for the implied column 

This does work in the example presentation at [1], but it seems only for 
B_block entries. I was trying to use B_beamercolorbox, where presumably the 
color selections (fg=, bg=) should be environment arguments, but this is 
ignored. What's more, if I take the colors out of the color box's envargs and 
replace it with another argument syntax -- <2-> -- that definitely works with 
B_block, this is also ignored. So it seems, if you wanted to have a colorbox 
appear in a later overlay, you would be screwed (would have to write the LaTeX 
by hand).

A bit confused.

Or, the simple question -- how do you set the colors of a color box in Beamer 

Oh, wait, I just figured it out... though you would have to admit, this is not 
remotely obvious.

** Frame 2 \\ where we will not use columns
#+LaTeX: \setbeamercolor{ybg}{bg=yellow}
*** ybg                                                    :B_beamercolorbox:
    Please test this stuff!
    :BEAMER_env: beamercolorbox

It kind of strikes me like an epic hack: you have to name the headline after 
the Beamer color ID, instead of naming the headline after the content... not 
very /org/anized. 

Worth a bug report or feature request?



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