I've just pushed up a fix for this issue, please let me know if it
doesn't work on your system.

"Allen S. Rout" <a...@ufl.edu> writes:

> So, this is a different problem (I presume) which I'm exercising in
> the same document I'm trying to write.
> With latest git org-mode, and minimal3.org, I get minimal3.pdf:
> If there are successive inline calls to a function in the same line of
> text, then the last of them is rendered "correctly" (though successive
> calls in the same paragraph still evince the 'last two characters of
> call' bug.    Earlier calls in the line are rendered 'verbatim', or
> how I'd expect the string to be rendered if I didn't know it was
> supposed to call a block.
> - Allen S. Rout

Eric Schulte

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