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Achim Gratz wrote:
> "Sebastien Vauban"
> <wxhgmqzgw...@spammotel.com> writes:
>> Pretty good. One failure, though, which I'll try to investigate (later on).
> That's a new test from Nicolas which seems to need some testing
> itself... :-)

Just saw your reporting as well... Thanks for pointing out anyway.

>> What's weird is the output that comes _after_ the above summary:
> Let me guess, you are on a Windows console or running cmd in a shell
> buffer?  Then the order of output between STDOUT / STDERR is not
> predictable since by default both streams will be buffered.

On Windows, yes. But in a MinTTY terminal with Cygwin.

I never have seen mixed (delayed) streams with other applications, but they
may be less verbose: exit on error, for example, while here a lot of output is
written anyway.

The delay is a problem. The fact that normal messages (vs only calls to
`error') are sent to `stderr' is another big, I think. We can't grep through
errors only, or check for some file to be empty (when redirecting stderr to a
file), or...

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Sebastien Vauban

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