Hi list, 
a strange and not pathological error message I had all the time (and
even reported once on this list) being on Ubuntu now popped up the first
time with my new ArchLinux setting:

| Error in pre-command-hook (delete-selection-pre-hook):
| (wrong-type-argument symbolp (lambda nil (interactive)
| (org-eval-in-calendar (quote (calendar-forward-day 1)))))

it happens in the agenda, the very first time I use M-+ to change a date
in the calendar (+ 1 day). After that, it just works without an error
message - until the next start of emacs. 

I now think it must be related somehow to auto-complete, since yesterday
I loaded my old auto-complete configuration file for the first time, and
now there is the old error again (I loaded old autopair and babel (not
org babel) config files for the first time too, but I rather suspect its
auto-complete that is the culprit).

Its not really a serious error - just strange. I report it FYI only. 


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