Also, if you have anything in your agenda that you don't want to send to
him you can use tags to restrict what is shown in the agenda before you
copy/export it.


At Sun, 4 Mar 2012 14:08:40 +0000 (UTC),
Memnon Anon <> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Peter Salazar <> writes:
> > My committed actions for a day consist of: 
> >    
> > a) TODOs for the projects I'm working on
> > b) random errands that need to be done that day
> > c) daily habits (e.g. meditating, exercising)
> >
> > I don't believe org-agenda can support me in doing this, because I
> > require: 
> >
> > a) a way to quickly enter the random tasks for that day (without
> > having to "schedule" each one for today)
> > b) more importantly: a way to record, store, and e-mail my list of
> > which tasks I've done and not done at the end of the night
> I am not sure why you don't use the agenda, there really should be no
> need to compile this data manually.
> Flow:
> - Enter your task with capture. This *is* a quick way, and you should be
>   able to setup a binding that schedules the new task to today by
>   default. Put the tasks wherever they should live in your org cosmos.
> - At the beginning of the day, start your agenda for today. 
>   Copy and paste it, export it to html, whatever. Send it to your
>   college.
> - Work through your tasks. If you can't finish a task, don't mark it
>   didnotdo, but simple reschedule it for tomorrow; the change will be
>   reflected in your log drawer.
> - At the end of the day, or early next day, start the agenda and use
>   org-agenda-log-mode, probably with C-u. 
> - `C-u l' should show you all there is, given it is properly configured:
>   Task you finished, tasks you did not finish and hence rescheduled for
>   later, even your sections (teaching, habits, random tasks) can be
>   reflected with categories. Just copy and paste it in your email and
>   you are done.
> > Macro question: Is there a better way to manage my accountability
> > system, rather than doing it manually? Again, I don't see a way to do
> > it using agenda.
> hth
> Memnon

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