I verified the behavior below with the most current git version of

Whenever I call my function to export the current agenda, it
Ā«convertsĀ» events that do have a beginning and end time to events
that span the whole day (without begin and end times at all).

,----[ my LISP command to export ]
| (defun vk-export-agenda()
|   "Exports monthly Org-mode agenda to agenda.ics file"
|   (interactive)
|   (org-agenda-list nil nil 60)
|   (org-agenda-write "~/org/agenda.ics")
| )

I traced down the problem to this:

* <2012-03-05 Mon 08:00-09:00> works fine
* <2012-03-05 Mon 8:00-9:00> works fine too

* <2012-03-05 08:00-09:00> Wrong: ends up as full day event

Unfortunately, I do have certain mechanisms that generate parts of
my Org-mode files where I skip the day of the week. Org-mode in
general is able to handle date stamps without day of week pretty
well. But whenever I export it to ics (in order to send it to
Google), I end up with a messed up online agenda.

I guess that org-agenda-write is the one to blame. It would be very
handy to me if somebody could fix that issue.

Let me know, if you need any further information!

Thank you very much!

Karl Voit

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