François Pinard <> wrote:

> Hi, Org people.
> When, in an Org table, a column is made up of numbers, each of which is
> immediately followed by a percent sign, table formatting within Emacs
> right adjusts such numbers in their column, which is nice.  Moreover, if
> I publish such tables as HTML, numbers are right adjusted as well.
> However, the same table inserted in a Beamer presentation shows the
> number /left/ justified in their column, which is a formatting
> discrepancy, or at least not what I expected.  Could the justification
> of percentages be made more uniform Org-wide?

It's of course possible (even probable) that the latex exporter behaves
differently from the html exporter in this case (and probably many other
cases.) Historically, I believe the latex exporter was the first one and
in those days, each exporter blazed its own trail, so inevitably we have
a divergence of behavior. The new exporters based on Nicolas's
org-element parser will presumably behave a lot more consistently.

In the meantime, you can always override the latex behavior with
something like

#+ATTR_LaTeX: align=|r|r|l|r|l|r|

to set the alignment of each column explicitly without affecting the HTML


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