It just occurred to me to try to implement a method of pushing a TODO item
on top of another, in the manner of a Stack.  The item on top of the stack
is a task upon which performance of some other task depends.

I need to call someone, so I have a task that appears on my agenda, to call
him.  However,  I have just discovered that the phone number I have for
this person is not working.  I new need to find his phone number, so I can
write a new TODO task.  It would be fantastic to be able to push a TODO on
top of the dependant TODO, the task that is held up until one finds the
phone number.

Once  I have found the number, and "pop" the number finding task off the
agenda, the dependant task would appear as a high priority, active task.
rendering the TODO to CALL invisible, perhaps as a subtask,

I think there are many ways to do this.   Is it a nightmare to implement in
the fashion I have suggested?   Is it already easy to do?  The crux of the
matter is a dependent TODO is rendered invisible until some subtask TODO is

Thank you for all the ideas,

Alan Davis

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