** Eric Schulte [2012-03-05 07:58:59 -0700]:

> Hi Vladimir,

> [...]

>> At first, I thought about table in org file with three columns:

>> | Keybind | Code | Description |
>> |---------+------+-------------|

>> but I don't know how to exclude second column in html export and how
>> to generate xml code excluding the third column.

> See the attached example Org-mode file, it does what you describe above.


>> P.P.S. Side note: why then 'tangled' example.txt the first line is empty one?

> Set ":padline no" on the tangled block to change this behavior (as in
> the attached example).

And again, thanks!

I tried your example and it works as I expect, so I'll try to adopt my
files and report result.

> Best,

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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