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> I recall you saying you would add more overlay support gradually;
> I would like to say it would be nice if there is support for
> replace-like overlays (e.g. \only or \onslide). It would be great if
> I can wrap blocks in these. To illustrate what I mean, I can produce
> the above effect with the following ugly hack:
>   #+OPTIONS: H:2
>   * Section 
>   ** Frame title Some more text
>   #+LATEX: \only<1>{%
>   *** Example block                                        :B_exampleblock:
>       :PROPERTIES:
>       :BEAMER_env: exampleblock
>       :END:
>   Some example text
>   *** ignore                                              :B_ignoreheading:
>       :PROPERTIES:
>       :BEAMER_env: ignoreheading
>       :END:
>   #+LATEX: }
>   #+LATEX: \only<2>{%
>   *** Theorem block                                             :B_theorem:
>       :PROPERTIES:
>       :BEAMER_env: theorem
>       :END:
>   Some bla bla ∀ \mathcal{R}
>   *** ignore                                              :B_ignoreheading:
>       :PROPERTIES:
>       :BEAMER_env: ignoreheading
>       :END:
>   #+LATEX: }

This should be possible with `org-e-beamer-environments-extra', i.e.

  (add-to-list 'org-e-beamer-environments-extra
               '("onlyenv" "O" "\\begin{onlyenv}%a" "\\end{onlyenv}"))

Then you set headline's BEAMER_env property to onlyenv and modify
BEAMER_act accordingly.

>> Every plain list has support for `:overlay' attribute (through
>> ATTR_BEAMER affiliated keyword).  Also, ordered (resp. description)
>> lists make use of `:template' (resp. `:long-text') attribute.
> I wasn't clear what you meant here. Could you give an example? Did you
> mean I can specify overlay specification for list items with the above
> mechanism? I'm not clear on the syntax here.

These attributes modify the whole list. To set overlays for individual
items, use export snippets. Examples follow:

  #+ATTR_BEAMER: :template "i)" :overlay "<+->"
  1. First item
  2. Second item 

will become

  \item First item
  \item Second item


  1. @@e-beamer:<1>@@ First item
  2. @@e-beamer:<2>@@ Second item

will become

  \item<1> First item
  \item<2> Second item

> I have another feature request (for the distant future) with regards to
> lists; I would like to put tikz nodes in list items. I have tried that
> in the past with very limited success. For an example, you can look
> here:
> <http://www.texample.net/tikz/examples/connecting-text-and-graphics/>

Again, export snippets should allow this. To obtain:

  \item Anode \tikz[na] \coordinate (s-anode);
  \item Cathode \tikz[na] \coordinate (s-cathode);
  \item Saline bridge \tikz[na] \coordinate (s-bridge);

You can write:

  - Anode @@e-beamer:\tikz[na] \coordinate (s-anode);@@
  - Cathode @@e-beamer:\tikz[na] \coordinate (s-cathode);@@
  - Anode @@e-beamer:\tikz[na] \coordinate (s-bridge);@@

> I presume the beamer options go like the following?
>   #+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [smaller,presentation]


> I have a question; are subtree exports supported yet?

I think so. Have you tested them?

Thank you for testing the back-end.


Nicolas Goaziou

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