The ([, ], v [) functionality is useful.

I find, however, that it requires you to generate the agenda
twice for each date.


Would it make sense to unify this concept with log mode?
Like this:

  1) make it a first-class member of
     org-agenda-log-mode-items like state, clock, etc.
  2) have the semantics be the same as with other
     org-agenda-log-mode-items members

Possible wishlist / brainstorm-type items:

  1) if a header appears more than once with the same
     timestamp, display it only once
  2) make log mode items independently controllable by
     making them quasi-tags and allowing tag filtering
  3) allow sets of tags
     - as an example, show state changes and inactive
       timestamps in one view and closed in another.
     - user supplies list of lists of tags.  each list is
       such a view.
     - replace the log and log-all views with cycling among
       tag sets.
  4) notice how tag filtering and log mode prevent the need
     to regenerate the agenda buffer.  the agenda is too
     slow to regenerate.
     - do the same for sorting
     - cycle among user-specified views
     - allow more than one user-defined sorting strategy
       + this is actually much more important to me than the
         log mode items idea
       + i would like to show different sorts just as i do
         in dired
       + immediate display of deadlines first, then
         immediate display of category order

Related functionality:

  1) the timeline view is for one file.  detailed exposition
     of its algorithm by Carsten exists along with
     discussion by others.
  2) org-find-timestamps.el might provide something similar
     - perhaps it also provides the ability to specify a
       range and display in a timeline
  3) it would be nice to be able to do any type of search
     (such as a text search or a tags search) and have it
     show up in a timeline-like way.  on what dates did I
     talk about "agenda {log.mode} items"?  let me see them
     in order.
  5) in daily/weekly, go to first date that matches text.

I'm not aware of other ways of browsing dates, including
inactive timestamps, across all agenda files.


Probably there are a lot of subtleties, but [ and log mode
seem similar to me as a user, so maybe it's possible.

In case the idea is of interest.



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