I've recently started to use Org-mode to write some small utilities in a
literate style.

I then stumbled upon the docs about coderef labels, which seemed like a
great way to minimize having to basically repeat the content of code in
the documentation about the utility's design.

The only problem is that they aren't stripped during tangling.  So if
you have a doc like:

    #+BEGIN_SRC sh -n -r :noweb tangle :shebang #!/bin/sh :tangle test.sh
    echo "Working" (ref:working) 

When you tangle the doc, you'll end up with:


    echo "Working" (ref:working)

I'm assuming this isn't intended behavior, since I can't find anything
in the docs about it.

I appreciate any help---I've done some spelunking around the source, but
it's not at all obvious to me how this all fits together, so I'm afraid
I'm not able to offer a patch, assuming it's a bug.


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