Couple of questions about exporting LaTeX figures that are neither
tables nor images -- specifically, source code blocks using the
listings package.

1. Is there any way to use #+CAPTION with a #+BEGIN_figure block, so
that the caption will be rendered underneath the text in the figure?

It seems (from reading the org manual and some experimentation on my
own) that the answer is no. That's rather inconvenient; the journal
specifies that captions should appear below their respective figures,
but as it is:

#+CAPTION: Some code
#+NAME: code1
// blah blah


\caption{\label{code1}Some code}
// blah blah


Figure 1. Some code.

// blah blah

I can work around it by not using #+CAPTION, and writing
\caption{...}\label{...}. That shouldn't be a problem for this
project, unless for some reason I should have to re-export as, say,

2. Is the customize variable "Org Latex Default Figure Position" only
used for tables and images? It would be nice if it applied to
BEGIN_figure as well (unless :options override that). "#+ATTR_LaTeX:
:options [htb]" is a mite inconvenient to replicate for every code
example. Certainly possible, but it would save a little effort if the
default were used here too.


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