This post to report a problem about epresent and new version of org mode.
I have just tried to update from releas 7.9.2 to 8.0.3 and I encountered 
several problems that are partially solved by the description of the 
changes due to the actual export and new name conventions.

>From time to time, I use epresent tool that I find useful for tiny 
presentation. Tool is described here :


There are conflicts when this tool is loaded with new version of org mode.

In source files there are the following instructions :

(require 'org-exp)
(require 'org-latex)

As far I understand these modules are not available with this specific 
names. I have commented these two instruction in epresent-org.el and in 

I load ox.el and ox-latex.el in my .emacs and before loading the epresent 
tool and it seems to solve the conflicts and to work. 


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