Lawrence Bottorff <> writes:

> I'd like to embed images into my running org file -- for eventual
> conversion to Latex or html. These would be simple diagram-style
> pictures such as math or technical diagrams that cannot be done with
> gnuplot or other formula-to-picture conversion software. 
> Examples:
> I know emacs can draw some things, but I'd probably need better
> renditions. So how does emacs/org handle such images and what sort of
> software (I'm on Ubuntu) is available for making such drawings and
> diagrams? What about software like "Processing"? Having Processing
> code embedded that then produced images would be great.

There is a myriad of graphics programs on Linux: graphviz/dot, ditaa,
plantuml, tikz, gimp, inkscape... There are many more. Some are general,
some are more specialized. Russell mentioned Visio but afaik that's
Windows only. Processing Processing code through a babel process should
be entirely processable too :-)

Once you produce output in some format (png, jpeg, svg, postscript -
whatever your emacs is capable of showing through the image.el
package[fn:1]), you can add a link to it in your org file. Then you can
toggle inline images on or off with C-c C-x C-v (or C-u C-c C-x C-v if
you have captions). Fundamentally, that's it - but of course, people
have been coming up with streamlined ways to do all that (e.g. Max M's
org-screenshot to take the most recent example).


[fn:1] Mine can do png, jpeg, svg, xpm, but not postscript, even though
image-type-available-p says that it *is* available - there are other
formats that should also work, but that I have not tried: gif, pbm, xbm,
bmp, tiff. Not sure why postscript does not work for me.  On linux, the
various image types require that emacs be built with the various
libraries. On Windows, I think they are dynamically loaded, if present.


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