Paul Stansell <> writes:

> Hello,
> I've noticed that #+ATTR_LaTeX seems to be no longer honoured (I'm
> using release_8.0.3-133-ga5872)
> This is demonstrated for the attached org file.  It's the exact
> example from
> I expect the exported latex file (C-c C-e l l) to contain something like
>   \includegraphics[width=5cm,angle=90]{./dummy.png}
> but I instead it contains
>   \includegraphics[width=.9\linewidth]{./dummy.png}
> Thanks,
> Paul
> PS. I'm using Emacs 24.2.1 and I tested with the minimal org-mode
> set-up from

I won't even attempt to give an overview of how attribute syntax has
changed/is changing, or explain why and how the manual is out of date,
but while we're waiting for someone else to do that, here's the line
you're looking for:

#+ATTR_LaTeX: :width 5cm :options angle=90

Very briefly, I think attributes that may be common to multiple backends
are now given as eg :width or :height (with no equals sign before the
value), while attributes that are rarer or likely backend-specific are
stuffed into one :options attribute, with the keys/values written more

More than that I can't venture...


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