Hi Jay and Marc,

Jay Kerns <gjkerns...@gmail.com> writes:

> I believe I can give a partial answer: it looks like Worg isn't
> publishing right now, which suggests that there was a recent commit
> which broke things.

Apparently things broke because Org in ~/git/org-mode on the server 
was not compiled (and autoloads not created etc.)  I compiled Org
again and republished it.  It should publish correctly now.

> The search for the problem begins.  Once the
> error is identified and fixed, then things should get back to normal.

Don't want to steal your work :)  Just thought I would fix this
because I may be the one who broke things by forgetting to compile
at some point.  I checked the scripts in ~/bin/ and they do compile
normally.  Also, I removed the FORCE flag in (defun publish-worg ...)
so that publishing does not republish everything.



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