My bisect says:

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b83c0309a7ecb86251451557a12e451fe9f93b11 is the first bad commit
commit b83c0309a7ecb86251451557a12e451fe9f93b11
Author: Bastien Guerry <>
Date:   Thu May 16 10:33:32 2013 +0200

    Fix handling of setup file wrt setting tags

    * org.el (org-set-regexps-and-options-for-tags): Return a list
    with tag-related variables.
    (org-set-regexps-and-options): Append tags from a setup file
    to the local tags of the file.
    (org-agenda-prepare-buffers): Set tags from a setup file by
    calling `org-set-regexps-and-options' when necessary.

    Thanks to Anupam Sengupta for reporting this.
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My recipe for testing good/bad is:

1. Start Emacs
2. `C-c a a'
3. Open my `' file
4. Check whether it's colored or black&white only...

>> I switched to commit 838e421 and the colors are back again.

Same for me...

> I'll investigate -- in the meantime, could you just let me know what
> version of Emacs do you use?

GNU Emacs 24.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.2.9200) of 2013-04-08 on LEG570

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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