I have a use case and am not sure if Org would help or not. I've
downloaded a bunch of technical data sheets on various materials from
a vendor. I'd like to create a "booklet" of them with a cover page
table of contents.

I can create the booklet very easily with Stapler (or similar), but am
not sure on the best way to generate a clickable linked PDF of the
individual materials contained in the compiled document.[1] What I'm
not sure on is how to create a table of contents.

Ideally, I could do something like generate a page count of each
document and then use this to create the page numbers I'd use to
create links to, which I thought I could do with Org. Even better
would be to have [back to top] links as well, since this will end up
being a multi-hundred page booklet (~100 documents of 2-4 pages each).

Any thoughts on this?

Is it easier to just generate a list of files and use Org to "include"
them somehow via LaTeX instead of using Stapler to combine them?

Thanks for any suggestions!

[1] https://github.com/fwenzel/stapler

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