Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Nick Dokos <> writes:
>> I learnt quite a bit from this discussion (thank you!), but I'm still a
>> bit puzzled about your reluctance that custom options be added to the
>> latex call. Why is that? Too many customizations? dvipng should be
>> deprecated?  Too many twisty passages to explain?
> Huh? I'm not reluctant to anything with regards to this discussion. I'm
> just suggesting solutions to your problem.

Ah, OK - sorry I misunderstood.

> Anyway, in a nutshell, your proposal is to:
>   - add a custom variable, e.g., `org-latex-dvi-process-options' (which
>     library should it belong to?)

Unless it would make sense to toss the whole dvipng thing overboard and
just keep imagemagick.

>   - modify `org-latex-listings' docstring (in particular, add third
>     elements and new custom variable)

I'm not sure any more that it can all be explained clearly in the
docstring (at least I've been trying different mental gyrations and I
have not come up with anything satisfactory). So maybe the thing to do
is add a page to worg and a pointer to it in the docstring. If that's
acceptable, I volunteer to write the worg page (at least the initial

As a separate issue, I proposed some debugging aids:

>   - add a custom variable, e.g., `org-latex-dvi-process-debug', which,
>     when non-nil asks to leave produced "tex" file.

... and a call-process-log function that logs the command in *Messages*
before executing it with call-process (or something more or less
equivalent). It would be used wherever call-process is used now.

I would actually propose that the debug variable inhibit the deletion
of intermediate files everywhere, not just in latex preview.


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