>>> As for the move from #+OPTIONS: key:value to #+OPTIONS: :key value,
>>> I can provide a patch, but it will break export in many documents.
>>> A workaround would be to support both versions and document only the
>>> newest one.
>> I didn't know supporting both styles was in the cards.  If it isn't
>> overly complicated, that would be welcome of course.
> Here is a preliminary patch. It doesn't update org.texi yet.
> I find the new syntax weird for one character keys:
>   #+OPTIONS: :* t :e t :: t :f t :- t :^ t :| t

I'm not sure how to weight aesthetics against consistency, but
personally I much prefer the previous

    #+OPTIONS: *:t e:t ::t f:t -:t ^:t |:t

to the new possibility posted above.  In my opinion it is not as
important to be consistent with code block header arguments here as it
is to be legible.  All header arguments are full words and typically
have longer values, so they don't run into the same readability issues.

Just my 2ยข

Eric Schulte

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