On Thu, Jun 27 2013, Bastien wrote:

>> * contrib/lisp/org-notify.el (org-notify-make-todo): Properties from
>> org-element are all uppercase now.
> Mhh... not sure what it means -- do you have a pointer?

Yes, here: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/73628


  | (defun org-element-headline-parser (limit &optional raw-secondary-p)
  |   "Parse a headline.
  | Return a list whose CAR is `headline' and CDR is a plist
  | containing `:raw-value', `:title', `:alt-title', `:begin',
  | `:end', `:pre-blank', `:hiddenp', `:contents-begin' and
  | `:contents-end', `:level', `:priority', `:tags',
  | `:todo-keyword',`:todo-type', `:scheduled', `:deadline',
  | `:closed', `:quotedp', `:archivedp', `:commentedp' and
  | `:footnote-section-p' keywords.
  | The plist also contains any property set in the property drawer,
  | with its name in upper cases and colons added at the
  | beginning (i.e. `:CUSTOM_ID').

>> -    (let* ((list (nth 1 heading))      (notify (or (get :notify) "default"))
>> +    (let* ((list (nth 1 heading))      (notify (or (get :NOTIFY) "default"))
> I feel dull: please let me know why this is needed.

No problem. Here another pointer:


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