It's very nice to keep a journal in a datetree (using the capture mechanism) but for my uses it would actually be even more useful to keep it in a /weektree/. Something like this:

* 2013
** W39 (September 23 - September 29)
*** 2013-09-23 Monday
**** note 1
**** note 2
*** 2013-09-24 Tuesday
*** 2013-09-25 Wednesday
** W52 (December 23 - December 29)
*** 2013-09-25 Wednesday
**** Christmas, no work done.
* 2014
** W1 (December 30 - January 5)
*** 2013-09-31 Tuesday
**** New year's eve party!

(with names of months and days localised as usual)

This would keep working weeks together (not broken over month boundaries).
At least here in Sweden it's pretty common to refer to weeks by number so this would perhaps be useful for that reason.

My suggestion above uses ISO-weeks (, maybe other conventions should also be an option (

I tried to see if this could be implemented on top of the datetree code, but as far as I could tell, to much of that mechanism was hardcoded into months etc. The task seemed to difficult for me.

If someone else thinks this is a good idea I think there are more people than me that would find it quite useful though.

Greetings from Sweden,
Anders Johansson

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