The fix is available in private repository:

As far as schema validation with .rnc files go, draw:name is an optional
attribute of draw:frame.  So, I am not sure why LibreOffice is insisting
on draw:name to exist and be unique.

Due to the above issue, I have also retired the support for


See my not pertaining to LibreOffice upgrades here:

Due to this issue, I proposed that I maintain ox-odt.el right within
Emacs bzr repo.  Unfortunately, it resulted in some heated exchanges.

To the people who rely on ODT exporter for their day to day use and want
it as part of Emacs

1. Find someone with Copyright Assignment to fix the critical issue(s).

2. Write to Gnu/Linux distributors - Debian, Gentoo etc - and persuade
   them to apply patches from my private repo before building the
   org-mode or Emacs deb packages.

Download the files.  Don't use git.

The files relevant to ODT are

    1. lisp/ox-odt.el
    2. etc/styles
    3. etc/schema
    4. contrib/lisp/ox-jabref.el

(3) above is optional.  (4) is needed if you need export citations with

Tim <> writes:

>> Let me upgrade my LibreOffice and report back.
> Jambunathan,
>    was wondering if you had a chance to look at this error ?  I can confirm
> it is an issue on my Ubuntu 13.10 system with :
>    - emacs 24.3.1
>    - org-mode 8.2.4 (org-plus-contrib elpa package 20131216)
>    - libreoffice
> I use the odt export to create student handouts and *really* don't want to go
> back through 200+ documents to add captions to all of the images !
> Thanks
> -Tim 

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