I sync my org calendar with my Android phone by periodically running a
process that exports my agenda files in iCal format.  I have this run
periodically, once every four hours or so.

My problem is that in combining the agenda files the exporter appears to
tangle the file, or in some way run the src blocks in the agenda files.

I don't want it to do this since I'm only interested in extracting the
appointments and TODOs.  It also sometimes throws up prompts about
saving a file modified by the processing (I'm guessing).  After a
weekend, I often have five to ten of these jobs stacked up waiting for
me to respond to the prompt.

Is there a way to supress running code block in the case of 'icalendar

I guess out of curiosity, is it a good idea to be executing them by
default for this exporter?


Daniel E. Doherty

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