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Rene wrote:
> How can I set org-agenda-custom-commands so that I can get the tasks past a
> date in the coming year?
> Suppose I'm interested in things past next september.  This
>       ("y"
>        "Next year's appointments"
>        tags "TIMESTAMP>=\"<2014-09-01>\"")
> works alright as long as we are before that date but won't work anymore next
> october.  I would have to modify my org config file each year.
> Is there a generic way to indicate "next year"?
> Thanks.

Hi Rene,

I don’t think there is a generic way, but you can use something like
this for your agenda view:

   "Next year's appointments"
   tags (format "TIMESTAMP>=\"<%s-09-01>\""  (+ 1 (calendar-extract-year 

best, Erik

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