Hi list,

I've been having a problem where my agenda column format is ignored every
other time I load or refresh the agenda, which makes it very hard to use.
When this happens, I see the following error in *Messages*: "Making
org-agenda-overriding-columns-format buffer-local while locally let-bound!"
which led me to experiment and find that when I delete the following lines
from the org-agenda-finalize function, the problem seems to be fixed:

- (if (and (boundp 'org-agenda-overriding-columns-format)
- org-agenda-overriding-columns-format)
-    (org-set-local 'org-agenda-overriding-columns-format
-   org-agenda-overriding-columns-format))

I'm wondering what these lines were intended to do, and if it's safe to
delete them.

My org-agenda-custom-commands value is:

  '(("n" "Agenda and all TODO's" ((agenda "" nil) (alltodo "" nil)) nil)
    ("r" "Russ Agenda" agenda ""
     ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Russ Agenda")
(org-agenda-view-columns-initially t)
      (org-agenda-overriding-columns-format "%80ITEM %TAGS %7TODO
%5Effort{:} %6CLOCKSUM{Total}"))
    ("q" "Russ Todos" alltodo ""
     ((org-agenda-view-columns-initially t)
      (org-agenda-overriding-columns-format "%80ITEM %TAGS %7TODO
%20SCHEDULED %5Effort{:} %6CLOCKSUM{Total}")
      (org-agenda-skip-function (quote (org-agenda-skip-entry-if (quote
todo) (quote ("DEFERRED")))))
      (org-agenda-sorting-strategy (quote (scheduled-up effort-up))))

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