> > > >   Can I re-export using the last settings? 
> > > 
> > > C-u C-c C-e
> > 
> >   Thanks, that makes it faster, but you need to be in the same subtree. 
> Not so.

  With org-mode from some days ago it was failing: only moving to a new subtree 
would make C-u C-c C-e export the new subtree (using the old format).
  But I tried again today with latest org-mode and it doesn't happen; now the 
old tree is remembered correctly.
  Thanks for pointing it out.

> and it appears to update during edits so that same the subtree is found
> in subsequent exports. This
>      If the current buffer hasn't changed and subtree export 
>      was activated, the command will affect that same subtree.
> seems to say that buffer edits will break C-u C-c C-e, but 
> that did not happen in the examples I tried.

  This happened to me (the marker pointed to a different subtree) but only if 
my edits were before the marker, not after. But since most people want to edit 
things below the heading they export, this shouldn't be a common problem.

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