Richard Lawrence <richard.lawre...@berkeley.edu> writes:

> Would using a different property---say, LATEX_LABEL---resolve your
> concerns?  This property could be explicitly documented as overriding
> Org's default labeling, with the value passed down directly to LaTeX.

I'd rather have a variable, e.g., `org-latex-custom-id-as-label'. When
this variable is non-nil, Org uses raw custom ID value instead of
auto-generated value for labels.

Its docstring should explain the limitations that are introduced when
using this variable, and in which cases it is interesting to enable it
(i.e, your use-case). IOW the docstring should be informative about the

So, it's basically your patch with an additional variable and its
docstring. Do you want to take care of it?

> The worrisome situation I have in mind is if I find that I eventually
> need to move away from Org to straight LaTeX.

OK. Since you had developed this idea in another paragraph, I thought
there was another reason. Never mind then.


Nicolas Goaziou

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