Hi all,

i'm running org-mode 8.2.5h in Emacs 24.3.

Say i have file a.org:

  * Main
  ** Group
  *** Firstname Lastname

My reading of




is that i should be able to, in b.org - which resides in the same
directory as a.org - have something like:


such that when i move point over that link, and enter C-c C-o
(i.e. org-open-at-point), i will be taken to a buffer containing a.org,
with point on the 'Firstname Lastname' heading. Instead, what happens is
that a new buffer is created, attached to a new file called, literally,

Similarly, if in b.org i have something like:


i am not taken to line 2 of a.org, but instead to a new buffer attached
to a new file literally called 'a.org::2'.

i have observed this behaviour with
org-link-search-must-match-exact-headline set to either 'query-to-create
or to nil.

What am i doing wrong?


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