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> Sorry if this has been answered before, can’t seem to find a way to search 
> for it…
> Is there a way to configure the default content of the footer produced
> during html formatted export? There is a javaScript that I would like
> to be the last bit of my html every time an org file is
> exported. Can’t seem to figure that one out.

In Org footnotes and different from the postamble.  I think you're
talking about the postamble, but I'm not certain.

>From the manual there's org-html-postamble-format, which is quite
flexible.  You can use specify your own function.  You can also
specify html-postamble as an option, but IMO this is mostly feasible
in org-publish-project-alist.  Of course a filter is also always an
option.  Perhaps org-export-filter-final-output-functions is what
you'd want here.

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