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On 02/10/2014 12:30 PM, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> Hello,
> Bastien <b...@gnu.org> writes:
>> Somehow this calls for a way to let a backend use several affiliated
>> keywords.  For example you would have:
>> #+ATTR_HTML: :width 400px
>> #+ATTR_BLOG: :lineno t
> Org already provided a syntax to number lines in source blocks. Couldn't
> it be used instead?
>   #+begin_src emacs-lisp -n
>   ...
>   #+end_src

Thanks a lot, I didn't know about this feature. Now I use the -n/+n
flags.  When using -n flag the ATTR_BLOG attribute :firstline is used as
the first line number; the default is 1 as in the LaTeX exporter.

>> and the exporter would take both into account, letting you to simply
>> export to HTML without the need to add redundant information.
>> Nicolas, did this cross your mind?  Or maybe this is already feasible?
> This is already feasible. See `org-beamer-plain-list' for an example.
> Both #+attr_latex and #+attr_beamer are read but the latter has
> precedence over the former.

I already use this, but I felt a need to document those attributes that
get extra treatment: wordpress uses class="alignleft" instead of HTML
align="right"  and I changed the style handling to support surrounding
double quotes ( :style "margin: 9pt; background: red;" )

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