For the interested ones, please find Orgmk at

Orgmk is a suite of Bash scripts [1] for automating the conversion of
Org documents to different formats, such as HTML or PDF.


- Be more productive, by running the export only when the source Org
  files are updated.

- Share some common Emacs and Org configuration inside your team,
  separately of what you have in your personal Emacs configuration file.

- Offload compilation into an external batch Emacs process, allowing you
  to go on editing or working while exporting the documents.

It still can be improved, but is already fully usable.

Note that, prior to exporting, Orgmk will ensure that the tables found
in your Org document are up-to-date... Other improvements could concern:

- checking links and cross-references,
- checking BibTeX entries,
- checking word spelling, and
- any more...

But these are only in my (Org) TODO list.

Best regards,

[1] The scripts run on both Unix and Microsoft Windows (with Cygwin).

Fabrice Niessen
Leuven, Belgium

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