Eric Schulte <> writes:

> Nick Dokos <> writes:
>> Achim Gratz <> writes:
>>> Eric Schulte writes:
>>>> I look forward to the day when Org-mode can simply require cl-lib and
>>>> cease maintaining org- versions of common cl utilities.
>>> WIth cl-lib in ELPA I don't really see what's the holdup there if you
>>> want to go that route.
>> I have the impression that cl-lib is (was?) frowned upon by upstream for
>> packages that are included in the emacs distribution. But it's only
>> a vague recollection at this point: am I wrong? am I thinking of
>> something else common-lispish?
> I thought that the point of cl-lib was so that packages like Org-mode
> and gnus would stop re-implementing pieces of the cl package.  I could
> easily be wrong.

I remembered seeing something on emacs-devel about this, and just found
this statement from Stefan Monnier from a few days ago:

Note that the main motivation behind the move to cl-lib is so that it's
perfectly acceptable to use cl-lib functions (since they don't pollute
the global namespace any more).  So if you prefer to avoid cl-lib
functions, that's fine, but if you want to use them, that's perfectly
fine as well.


Interpret as you will!

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