Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Hello,
> Daimrod <> writes:
>> I use org-mode version release_8.0.2-101-gce5988 (I follow the git
>> upstream) and I tried it with `org-element-use-cache' set to nil.
> There was no `org-element-use-cache' in Org 8.0. Could you update Org
> and try again?

I had forgotten to rerun make after I pulled the latest version.
`org-version' now returns "8.2.5h".

And you're right, it doesn't happen when `org-element-use-cache' is set
to nil.

However, when `org-element-use-cache' is set to t, then it looks like
`org-element-context' uses the link's title instead of the link's value.
  v-- with the cursor here, it returns (link (:type "file" :path "foo" ...))
[[file:foo][file:test 1 2 3]]
    when the cursor is in this zone, it returns (link (:type "file" :path 
"test" ...))
                      ^-- when the cursor is after this point (after the
                      first space) it returns (link (:type "file" :path "test 1 
2 3" ...))



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