LanX <> writes:

> Have you tried ox-koma-letter.el?
> not yet, I just started recently switching back to latex and g-brief did
> what I needed for a formal german letter and I just need it once per month
> so far.

KOMA-Script has build in support for DIM.

>> #+TITLE: title
>> #+BEGIN_g-brief
>> ... here comes text
>> #+END_g-brief
> OK thanks, I take it as indication that the exporter can't be configured to
> do this implicitely...

Sure, you can make a derived class, use a filter or something else.
Ox-koma-letter is an example of a derived class for letters.  There is
also a letter exporter using groff as backend.  Note that the special
heading keywords (see the wiki) are not compatible across the two

> could you please be more specific?

It's a new and in all dimension superior export engine.  On this list
we'll generally assume you're using a recent version of Org.
Currently, this implies a version ≥ 8.

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