I work on different systems with basically the same Emacs config.

However, on my Linux box I get time-stamps like [2014-03-10 Mon] and
[2014-03-04 Tue] but on my Windows box I get [2014-03-10 Mo] and
[2014-03-04 Di]. Obviously, my Windows box is having some German
set-up (Di = Dienstag) I don't really need. I have no idea where
Emacs is getting this information. Most probably environment
settings I do not know of.

Org-mode is doing fine with those German time-stamps. Unfortunately,
when I use time-stamps in tables and calculate their difference
(duration in days), I get #ERROR. When I manually change "Di" to
"Tue", it works.

1) How am I able to change to English time-stamps on my Windows box.

2) Is this a calc-bug?


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