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> Eric Schulte <> writes:
>> Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
>>> We're talking about function names, not free-form text, so limitations
>>> are understandable. For example, macro names only allow alphanumeric
>>> characters or hyphens and have to start with an alphabetic character.
>> Having considered this, unless there are user objections I'd be happy
>> limiting function names to the same restricted alphabet as macro names.
>> This would be a breaking change though, and should be mentioned as such
>> in the notes.
> Once you have settled for a regexp (do you want to include "/"
> character?), please let me know, I'll update org-element accordingly.

Is "/" allowed in macro names?  I think the biggest benefit here is
unification between macro and function names.  Is there a macro name
regexp which could be used directly (to ensure that these two stay
unified)?  I don't see one, so I expect we'll want to add an
org-babel-function-name regexp along the lines of "[a-zA-Z0-9\-\/]+".
This would then be used in the following variables.
- org-babel-src-block-regexp
- org-babel-src-name-w-name-regexp

And the following functions should be updated to ensure that the name
only includes the allowed characters.
- org-babel-named-data-regexp-for-name
- org-babel-named-src-block-regexp-for-name

Does this sound about right?

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