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Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Hello,
> (Thomas S. Dye) writes:
>> I've been dusting off a draft paper written when the new export
>> framework was still in contrib. Now that I've brought the file
>> up-to-date so that it exports asynchronously again, I'm getting an error
>> that wasn't there before.
> [...]
>> Note the new line after each call result and the premature termination
>> of the {description} environment.
> It would help to see the source of "axe-x-section" and "axe-wt". Do they
> insert spurious newline characters?
> Also, you can call (org-export-execute-babel-code) to get what is really
> parsed once Babel code is expanded.

That's a big help.  Thanks.

It appears that executing the R code block does insert a newline. This
must be the behavior that changed.

  executing R code block (axe-x-section)...
  "3.7 \\texttimes 2
  executing Emacs-Lisp code block...

  (results (quote "3.7 \\texttimes 2

Here is the source code:

  *** Cross-section of a particular tool, in cm
  #+name: axe-x-section
  #+header: :var t=final-axe-table
  #+header: :var a="3141"
  #+header: :results raw
  w <- t[t[,2]==a,16]/10
  th <- t[t[,2]==a,18]/10
  paste0(w, ' \\texttimes ', th)

  #+results: axe-x-section
  3.9 \texttimes 2

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