Nick Dokos <> writes:

> David Masterson <> writes:
>> Simple question -- does org-mode handle task dependencies?  And, if so,
>> how well?  In the outline form, I see you could setup parent-child
>> relationships between tasks.  I'm looking for more of tasks that aren't
>> related, but are dependent on each other.
>> In particular, in a parent-child relationship, you might say "THIS task
>> is done when all of THOSE tasks are done" whereas I'm looking for more
>> of a "THIS task can be started when all of THOSE tasks are done".
>> How would you set this up in Org-Mode?
> Maybe what you are looking for is this section
>     (info "(org) TODO dependencies")
> in the manual.

Oh!  Didn't see that before.  It will take me some time to understand
org-depend.el which, I think, is what I'm looking for.  Thanks.

Hmmm.  That does bring up a question.  Will MobileOrg handle
dependencies in the org-depend sense?

David Masterson

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