"G. Martin Butz" <m...@mkblog.org> writes:

> While importing and viewing one of my org files, I do get strange results:
> + I only see dates from DONE-entries
> + There might be e.g. an entry in the ical file/Iceowl dated to
>   09:57, 2nd of December 2013
> + The body of the calendar entry in ical file/Iceowl contains:
>   • State "DONE" from "TODO" [2013-12-02 Mo 09:57] meaning
>   the entry is dated to the date and time I set the entry to "DONE"
> + I do not see any active TODO-entries at all

we would need a minimal example of the .org file you try to export to
iCalendar in order to reproduce those problems.  Probably some come
from the export options you are using, independantly of the iCal
export backend.

Or maybe this got sorted out in the meantime, who knows.

Thanks for further information,


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