Dear list,

I am having some trouble in using the beamer export.
First of all, I have problems in finding documentation on the exporter
on-line. Is there an up-to-date manual of this exporter, and the list of
options? By searching for a solution to my problem, I found many different
notation around the web (the wiki, stackoverflow, etc.) but I could not
find a solution to my very simple problem.

I have three images to show in my slide, one after the other (or one on top
of the other).
In Latex beamer, I can write something like:

--------- begin-snippet-------------


--------- end-snippet-------------

and it works. How do I do the same in org-beamer?

I tried several options, for example this one:

--------- begin-snippet-------------

  #+ATTR_BEAMER: :overlay <1>
  [[ file:figure1 ]]

  #+ATTR_BEAMER: :overlay <2>
  [[ file:figure2 ]]

  #+ATTR_BEAMER: :overlay <3>
  [[ file:figure3 ]]

--------- end-snippet-------------


--------- begin-snippet-------------

***                                 :B_ignoreheading:
    :BEAMER_env: ignoreheading
    :BEAMER_act: <+>




--------- end-snippet-------------

and several other combinations of blocks, properties and attributes, but
the generated latex output is always more or less the same:

--------- begin-snippet-------------


--------- end-snippet-------------

Can someone help me to understand how to put overlays on figures?

I am using org-mode version 8.2.5h (pulled from the git repository about
one month ago I guess) on Emacs 24.3.1

Thanks in advance,

Giuseppe Lipari

Giuseppe Lipari
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
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